Questions When Pitching to Venture Capitalists

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The pitching session to a venture capitalist, whether online or face to face, is always likened to a job interview session. Undoubtedly if you are an entrepreneur, you should be ready to answer candidly and honestly about the business and why you think you are a good match. Some of the questions that you should expect are as follows.

Tell Us About Your Business?

It goes without saying that the venture capitalist’s firm will want to know more about your business. This is the chance for you to show that you have passion. Do not be afraid of chronicling the journey that it has taken you, some of the ups and downs that you have faced, and what the business means to you. Flesh out the things that you think make your business unique, your objectives and goals, and the direction that you hope the market will take when you get funding.

Who Is the Target?

Before you go for a pitching session, you need to understand the target market and the dynamics that go into segmenting markets. Of course, you will have to tell the venture capitalist firm why you chose the target market that you have, and what your unique proposition is regarding the market that you have chosen. You should also get into the details of what you will provide the market to ensure that they resonate with your business.

What Is Your Credit Score?

Venture capitalist firms always want to know more about you, and this includes how you have managed your credit scores. Resist the temptation to lie. Even if you have a lower credit score, be honest about it while letting them know about the things that you have been doing to increase your scores. Remember that they will do a background check on you, so you are better off telling the truth from the onset.